Hunt County Comic Expo 2018

What originally started as a class assignment to cover an on-campus event turned into a multi-year volunteer job. I was trying to cover the 1st annual Hunt County Comic Expo (HCCE) for a class but didn't have the proper press credentials at the time to get in with a camera so I contacted the showrunner for the event, Cody Glenn, and he welcomed me with open arms into the event. After seeing my photography and video work from the event, I am now an official volunteer and event photographer for all the HCCE events. I have loved seeing the event grow and evolve over the past few years and the passion by everyone involved is next level. I look forward to being a part of this amazing group and event for many more years to come. Enjoy some of my favorite shots from both the 2018 and 2019 (next page) events and be sure to check out the expo's website for more details on the events.