Video Work

Cruel Summer.mp4

Short film visual storytelling tells a story and gets the point across without dialog. Here I used my sister and her fiance to convey a story of a broken relationship with a tragic end.

This package (PKG) story that I did over Lion Athletics Men and Women's basketball highlights women's head coach Jason Burton claiming sole possession of a school record with his 110th win.

Basketball PKG.mp4
Post Malone Music

In this student music video project I served as cameraman, editor, and director as well as having a cameo in the video.

Featured here is a concert for the Daybreak Show Choir from Sunnyvale High School. I was a part of this group for 5 years and this concert was my favorite. I recorded as well as photographed and ran audio on every concert. This one was especially fun because I got to produce/ host interview segments with all of the senior members of the choir that are placed throughout. I was also in charge of creating content to play before the show, during intermission, and after the show which are included.

Daybreak Spring Show- We Will Rock You-005.mp4
Bad Day Clean.mp4

I served as director, editor, and producer on this student short film.

I served as editor on a music video project, for the song Hi Skool by a local band in Commerce TX called "The City".

The City

This video creation uses a series of behind-the-scenes clips as well as photographs I shot while working with a friend's production company, "Open Heart Musicals," on the first production of - "Judge Julie Truly and the Case of the Holey Roof". I was credited as a videographer, photographer, and sound operator on this production.

Video I shot and edited along side my friend and fellow student Jocyln Ventura for the wedding of Sydney Mouton and Hayden Arnold.

Sydney and