Web Design

I have had the opportunity to get into website design and operation since graduating from Texas A&M University-Commerce in April of 2021. During my time at TAMUC I was tasked to build and operate my own portfolio website which grew and evolved into the site you are on now. Since then I've had the privilege of designing and helping operate websites for my partners at "The Dae Late Show" as well as my old high school's fine arts department by designing sites for both the choir and band program.

If you or your business are interested in getting a website designed check out the services tab or contact me by email cameronwjustice@gmail.com web design is something I've really found to enjoy so I'd love to expand that area of my portfolio.

Sunnyvale High School: Choir Program

This website was an extension to my already existing partnership with the Sunnyvale High School choir program. This site is meant to be a one stop information page for everything the choir is doing throughout the year. Director bio, calendar, fundraisers, trips, booster information and more can be found here by parents and students alike. I was also given the opportunity to showcase the nearly ten years of archived video and photos I've done for the choir program during my partnership with them starting in 2013. I had a great time collaborating on this website design with the director and look forward to creating content to go on it moving forward.

Sunnyvale High School: Raider Pride Band Boosters

This site was designed for the Sunnyvale High School band program specifically their booster club. This is the one stop for faculty, parents, and students involved in the program. It has director contacts, calendars, fundraising and event information, forms and signups for parents and students, sponsor and volunteer information, archived show videos and much more. This was a fun project because it began as a transition from their much outdated website and evolved into a continued partnership.

The Dae Late Show Podcast

Website I designed for my partners at "The Dae Late Show". This site functions as a way to showcase all their archived episodes as well as share information about the show, host, production team, and sponsors. This site is also a way to bring awareness to the awesome community service the team provides its community. This site also houses the links to all the shows social media and merchandise as well as ways to contact the host and donate to the show directly. This was the first website I designed after my own and I still assist in website management as well as helping them produce content.

1st Call Recovery

Website I created for my dad's repossession agency. This site was to help him advertise their services and let collectors communicate with him directly.